Velvet Tips


Since my friends and family are well aware of my little polish obsession, I was bestowed several nifty manicure sets this Christmas. Which beats the year I got strictly gift cards. But anyways, the first set I got my hands on was Ciate’s Velvet Manicure. Amazing!


Ciate Velvet Manicure with included 3am Girl polish pot (& one completely flubbed nail)

As infatuated as I am with Ciate Caviar Pearls, I heard mixed reviews on it. So I thought this would the safer bet for my first time around with Ciate. The kit came with everything you need to successfully polish your tips, including a tray to collect the bits of velvet to use again. This manicure was fun to play with after (who wouldn’t love fuzzy nails!?) and even lasted quite a while. However, a couple weeks later, I used my own polish, a slightly lighter shade of blue and it did not last as long. The velvet just didn’t seem to stick.


Ciate Velvet with Bolting Blue by Milani

I’m a little torn between this combo. I do love that you can see the contrast more between the polish and the velvet,  but I keep getting an itchy feeling that it just looks a little messy.  Either way, it just didn’t hold up as long as my first manicure did. Watch this space though, because curiosity will surely lead me to try new color combos.


I personally think the velvet adds a touch of elegance without leaving the realm of super fun. Plus, it’s great for a date, gives him an excuse to touch your hands right?


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