Bisquick biscuits


Chorizo & cheddar Bisquick biscuits

This isn’t the most revolutionary recipe, but it’s one of my favorites. I will admit, the biscuits taste better when they’re not burnt, but I’m getting used to a new oven do bear with me.

My dad used to make these on game day Sundays all the time, they’re quick and easy, perfect for making before the morning games start and will hold you over until an appropriate hour to fire up the grill. Since I was on a chorizo kick this week (I always cook the sausage one tube at time and refrigerate what I don’t use), it worked out great.

Like I said, super easy to make. Just follow the recipe on the Bisquick box, it only took about three minutes to mix (because I made the drop biscuit version, no need to knead).



But before you start mixing add several handfuls of grated cheddar cheese and a couple ounces if cooked chorizo. I used the leftover of the leftovers, which came out to a couple teaspoons.

When its all mixed together, the dough will have an orange-ish tint from the chorizo. The chorizo gives the biscuits just the tiniest hint of spice, just what I love! Now to enjoy these in front of the TV, it’s playoff time. When in Rome… go Niners!


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