Spring pinks.


I know, I know.  I have become extremely delinquent with my posts.  The recent streak of good weather has me running around with spring fever.

My favorite thing about spring is the idea of starting fresh.  Spring cleaning, new baseball season, gorgeous flowers, it’s all spring.  Being inspired by the sun and forthcoming season, I headed out to a flower shop down the street from my new place and picked up some of my absolute favorite spring flowers.

spring flowers

A little bit of spring on my coffee table.

Hydrangeas are typically available year-round (although size and color varies), but hyacinth is an extremely seasonal flower.  Nothing, in my opinion, says spring more than these delicate and amazingly fragrant flowers.  The hyacinth smell so sweet, and this bunch (I think it was five stems) filled the whole room with its scent.  Plus, hydrangea tends to last awhile, making it a solid floral investment.

These flowers kind of energized me, and further inspired a fresh nail color.  (Although seriously, it doesn’t take much to inspire a polish change).

Sparrow me the Drama by OPI and Spark-Tacular from Sephora by OPI

Sparrow me the Drama by OPI and Spark-Tacular from Sephora by OPI

The pink, I thought, was a very close match to the hyacinth’s coloring, and I’m completely obsessed at the moment with this type of glitter topcoat.  A little pastel, a little sparkle, spring can’t come any faster!


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