Charmed and amazed.


I was going to title this post “Peculiar Peonies”  but that just seemed unjust.  I bought these coral charm peonies from a small shop up the street from my apartment, and aren’t they gorgeous!?

coral peony

The most gorgeous coral peonies I have ever owned.

However, the peculiar becomes appropriate after I noticed, uh, they seemed to “sleep” at night.  I’m not joking, although I did think I was hallucinating for a couple nights there.  I’d walk downstairs in the morning to find them like this:

coral peony

Sweet dreams, sweet peony.

The other thing, that I still haven’t entirely wrapped my head around:  the deep coral began to fade!  Maybe the slumber was actually aging these buds?

I did a little research, and although I couldn’t find any cold hard facts, I did find a few blogs and forums that said some peonies do close up at night, or even if it gets a bit too shady out.  I kind of feel great knowing I’m not crazy.  I didn’t find anything that really said why they slumber, so I guess I’ll just have to settle for being amazed.


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