Djani Schafer

djanischaferDjani Schafer is a San Diego State University graduate with a degree in journalism and marketing.

She is currently an Editorial Assistant at JustLuxe, where she combines her love of culture with her passion for writing.  She is also a Content Developer and Editor for The 750 Shop, a San Diego-based marketing firm.

She’s a runner, nail polish enthusiast, penguin lover and is deeply inquisitive of the world around her.  It’s that deep curiosity and habit of collecting details that helps her tell a good story to entertain and educate readers.

Her personal and professional goals are to continue grow as a journalist and content marketing professional through experience and constant education, and to contribute to a driven, passionate team by working hard, meeting goals, and having a great time doing it.

Specialties: digital media, social networking, content management, copyediting, online marketing, Google adwords, website/blog design, editorial direction, creative writing, AP styling